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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Go Green!! Go Green!!

I don't intend to criticize or something like that about the "Go Green" program in my school, SMAN 8 Tangerang. maybe, I just wanna give my opinion about the way to warn the students because
I think, what the programmer did was perhaps right but wrong. actually, I wanna correct the action today @ school. well, every month on 8th we have 'car free day',
and all of the students may not bring their motorbikes to school. but, I have a question about it, why only the students may not bring their transportation? what about the teacher? well, maybe there is an exception for the teacher,
I don't know. and I don't know the clear fine if students bring their motorbikes as well. one time I saw that the security of my school blowed out  the motorcycles tires which belong to the students . I think that's good enough to be a fine. but, today @ school, the security stuck a paper on the students' motorcycle which were there. nah, that's the problem, how many pieces of paper did we waste only for sticking it on students' motorbike? if I may give a voice, why don't just close the gate for parking area beside my class and close the big gate from early morning, 'till we all come into the class? so, there's no place for us to put our motorbike @ school. hoaammhh.. I think I'm a lil bit sleepy. well then, I think that's my point. goodnight bloggy! :)


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